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About Shopezgo.com

Shopezgo.com is the official online store for E-Z-GO genuine parts and accessories. The site was created in 2009. Shopezgo.com provides direct replacement parts for E-Z-GO vehicles and allows you to customize your E-Z-GO experience with a wide range of accessories from light kits to windshields, top kits to lift kits, and everything you need.

3 Great Reasons to Buy

1. OEM Parts and Accessories Are Guaranteed to Fit

All E-Z-GO products on the site are direct replacement parts or accessories designed specifically to fit your E-Z-GO vehicle. 

2. OEM Part Quality and Extensive Safety Testing

E-Z-GO genuine parts and accessories are designed and tested specifically for superior performance and reliability. As an OEM provider, all products must meet or exceed the safety requirements held at a high standard by E-Z-GO.  

3. Customize Your E-Z-GO Experience and Get Rewarded

The My Vehicle tool allows customers to sort the online catalog for their specific make, model and year creating an easier and faster shopping experience. Vehicles can be saved to an account, which provides customers with additional access to features and information on the website. The Shopezgo Rewards and Loyalty Program launched in April of 2014, offering customers points for every dollar spent online, exclusive promotions and discounts, and priority customer service.


In addition to offering high quality, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and accessories, Shopezgo.com also provides installation guides, maintenance tips, vehicle information, and more through a variety of resources including the Serial Number Lookup Page, Shopezgo Blog and E-Z-GO TV. 

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Meet the Team

E-Z-GO Sales Representative - Pat Moloney



Main Responsibilities:

Vehicle and product information, parts identification, order processing and customer service.


Joined the Shopezgo team in January 2014. With a background in Automotive Technology and Testing in the E-Z-GO Engineering Department. Pat is your go-to guy when it comes to your vehicle and helping you find what you need.

Career Motto:

Everyday is a good day. 



E-Z-GO Sales Representative - Nate White



Main Responsibilities:

Vehicle and product information, parts identification, order processing and customer service. 


Joined the Shopezgo team in May 2014. With a background in sales, customer service and parts within the industry, Nate brings you product knowledge and experience to help take care of your parts and vehicle needs, assuring an enjoyable Shopezgo visit.

Career Motto:

You will never be 100% ready when opportunity strikes. So just do it! 






























Allie Eubank - E-Commerce for Shop.ezgo.com



Main Responsibilities:

Marketing promotions, website improvements, returns and customer service.


Joined the Shopezgo team in February of 2013. With a background in marketing, Allie brings her valuable customer service experience with a smile as she makes sure customers have the best possible experience on Shopezgo.

Career Motto:

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. 
























Main Responsibilities:

Social media, website improvements, mobile site, returns and customer service.


Joined the Shopezgo team in June of 2013. With a background in social media and digital marketing, Matthew enjoys finding fun and creative ways to engage with customers, gain feedback and share information.

Career Motto:

Live the life you love, market the life you live. 


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