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Taking Care of Your Batteries During Winter Storage

by ShopEZGO Bloggers on 2/18/2014 2:50:00 AM


For owners of electric E-Z-GO vehicles, it is important to continue to service the batteries throughout prolonged winter storage. This blog post covers just a few basic but essential tips for golf car owners that addresses several common customer questions. 

  • For winter storage, batteries must be clean, fully charged and disconnected from any source of electrical drain.
  • For all vehicles, set the key switch to "OFF". For electric RXV vehicles, make sure the 'Run/Tow' switch is set to the "Run/Storage" position; if left in the "Tow" position, it will drain the batteries. For electric TXT vehicles, the "Run/Tow" switch should be in the "Tow/Maintenance/Storage" position; if left in the "Run" position it will drain the batteries. For both vehicles the 'Run/Tow' switch is located under the passenger seat. 
  • As with all electric vehicles, batteries must be checked and recharged at a minimum of 30 day intervals or required as needed. You do not need to have your vehicle continuously plugged in and charging over the duration of long term storage. 

Watch this
E-Z-GO TV video to learn how to water and clean the batteries and visit the Battery and Chargers section on Shopezgo.com to find everything you need for battery maintenance. If you have any questions, comment on this blog post and we'll find the answers and information you need.

Keep in mind that all batteries will self discharge over time and that the rate of self discharge depends on the ambient temperature and the age and condition of the batteries. If you want more information about how to properly clean and service your golf car batteries, you can always reference your E-Z-GO Owner's Manual. 

It is important to review and follow all safety instructions and guidelines stated in the E-Z-GO Owner's Manual. Pay attention to all NOTICES, CAUTIONS, WARNINGS and DANGERS. To become more familiar with your E-Z-GO golf car, read all of Owner's Manual.

Visit this page of the E-Z-GO website for select free downloadable Owner's Manuals.

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